Throughout history, humanity has been subject to numerous outbreaks of plagues, epidemics, and illnesses; each time the Church has held firm to confess the reality of Christ’s presence in the lives of those who are sick and suffering.  As we have seen the outbreaks of the Coronavirus around the world and are now being told that it is not a question of “if” there is an outbreak in the US, but “when,” these guidelines have been developed to help outline the reaction of our congregation in the midst of this threat.  While we will not fear death because we know that our God has promised us life, we will also not tempt God through foolish actions, therefore, Faith Lutheran Church will follow the guidelines and best practices put forth by the CDC and the local health department to assist in preventing the spread of contagious diseases.  The following guidelines have been developed to guide and describe the types of actions we will follow and consider as the understanding and spread of this illness continues to develop.
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