As you are staying at home, you may be looking for a variety of ways to engage in spiritual growth and development.
Below are some resources that might help you and your family stay engaged with your faith and learn more about our Lord during this time.

daily chapel broadcast

up to date communication, Sunday School videos, family interaction ideas

Music, talk, and services

Also available on Direct TV - Channel 377

A deep dig into the teachings of the Christian church as they are explained in the Book of Concord.

Excellent source of talk radio from a Lutheran perspective.
Includes commentary on social issues, Bible study, and interviews with Lutheran writers and other Christians engaging the world in significant and exciting ways. 

WRVM 102.7 FM
10:00 am Sunday Mornings 

WDOR 93.9 FM & 910AM
8:05 am Sunday Mornings with Pastor Chris Jackson from St. Peter, Forestville & St. John, Rankin